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This isn't going to be your typical blog format and I am betting I will look back at this with rolling eyes. But just maybe important growth will happened with flavor. I guess, I have to start somewhere playing outside my comfort zone.

Here is to the future of the website, professional growth and hopefully someone may glean a few bits for their own personal journey. Knowing that struggles come first before measures of success.

Its a challenge to put most important thoughts or ideas into a written format. Really for what purpose? Maybe the writer can look back at what their thoughts were at the time based on numerous factors that some times can be identified as a learning moment.

Look at the picture of ski person this type of view would be overwhelming compared to the individualistic self. Imagine you were tasked with the responsibly of engineering and finishing one of those monstrosities. Where would you start?

I think building a viable business can be compared to building a complex engineered tower. Why? Well, I think there are tasks that are enormous to get a handle on such as education, working tools and ultimately lots of funds. I guess what I want to convey is the thought of there being many steps and yes your feet will hurt.

How far can you position yourself among the heights of business?

For myself, from the early part of January 2019, I built my first wood product which was a hallway table. I guess I surprised myself how it turned out only using a few basic tools and this very aspect of being surprised is common. The work of a "mans hands."

Its been too much trial and error but some really beautiful highlights up to this point. We will continue to push and analyze what success looks like. As far as I am concerned success starts at the place where you keep moving forward and working your plan.

Out of frustration I made a list of points a few weeks back to encourage myself what to keep focusing on and stay fighting:


Self Education

> video's, books - think of application

Topics: Accounting, business, engineering, neurology, psychology, marketing, construction, welding and interior design.

I believe diversity of knowledge lends itself to creativity.

Reading/comprehension 80/20 rule

> Imagination/Dream "dammit do it"

> Observation

> Spatial Imagery

> Be uncomfortable / Think outside the box

> Expect magnitudes of failures then growth

> Master of Nothing - better then the mastery over one thing

Books are endless in words of accumulation but time is certainly in short supply - hunt for the gist 80/20 rule.

Maybe in the future we can look at these points a little closer and talk about how I draw from these.

Well, until next time keep moving your feet!


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